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On December 23, 2018, my life changed forever when my beautiful, loving son lost his battle with mental illness. Since then, I have felt compelled to redesign my purpose for my life and my business in honour and memory of my son. It was my promise to him that people were heard, their stories told, and positive changes be made to the mental health system as it exists now.


Steven Rigby’s Mental Wealth Revolution was created to be a positive platform that supports those struggling with mental health, their families, and their friends. Change begins by telling, sharing and hearing the stories of those affected by mental illness. These courageously told stories bring hope and encouragement, and it creates the spark that invokes real, lasting change. This is what Steven Rigby’s Mental Wealth Revolution is about; sharing, learning and supporting with love and acceptance.


Sharing of our stories is a powerful tool that can help heal us as individuals and as a society. Change begins when we tell our authentic truths.


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Dying for Change

The Nightmare Behind the Smile


This is not a success story, or a story with a happy ending, this is Steven Rigby’s story that transpired before his fatal, but preventable death on December 22, 2018.  Steven’s mother Carey will clearly show the events that lead up to his tragic death. She will should the challenges and obstacles Steven and the whole family faced during their darkest time.


Watch for release date this year, 2020.

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