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The McMurdo Family Fundraising Project
Another of my mission is to personally make sure that Steven is never forgotten and that his generosity will continue to help, support or create needed changes in the lives of others! Steven's Mother Carey Rigby-Wilcox


As family, friends, and colleagues of Steven, you all know what a kind, selfless, generous man he was.  A close SaskTel peer of Steven had recently confided in him about his 22 month old son’s disorder called scataphocephally. The family has been consulting with a neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon and SaskAbilities specialist and will be undergoing a skull reshaping surgery which requires much medical care, pre and post surgery.  Steven had asked his mom for her help in finding a way to help his peer.  That being said, the family has asked that in lieu of flowers, a donation be made to support Steven’s peer and will be made to the family in Steven’s honour.


Message from Carey:


I am remembering many conversations Steven and I had recently, and one in particular is on repeat in my mind. Not long ago, Steven and I were sitting at my kitchen table and he was telling me about John; one of his peers at Sasktel.


“Mom,” Steven said, “John is such a smart, amazing young guy, you would love him! He’s a cool dude, mom. I want you to meet him one day... Promise?!”


Steven truly admired his good friend John, in so many ways, both personally and professionally. At work, they were partners on a large project to create technology to better understand customer traffic, called “eCoordinator”. Steven told me that the project was one of the greatest achievements in his entire career and he could not have done it without his partner John! The project also brought Steven and John closer together as friends, and Steven quickly understood how deeply committed John was to his growing family. That day at my kitchen table, Steven spoke to me from his heart about John, showing me with such passion about how Michelle, Ethan and Lily were everything to John. I explained to Steven that a parent’s love for their child is an unconditional, never-ending bond of love that nothing can break! Through talking with John about his own family, and understanding John’s love for his own son, Steven was finally able to understand the depth of my love for him!


Nevertheless, Steven was troubled by John’s deep worries for his son Ethan who was diagnosed with a disorder called scaphocephaly

( Steven was distressed that this fun, happy, “cool dude” he worked alongside for so long had such deep internal worries. Steven expressed his concerns for the upcoming journey John’s entire family will be on to repair and correct Ethan’s disorder. With pleading tears in his eyes Steven asked me, “How can we help? What can we do? MOM!!! I need to do something! MOM, PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE SOMETHING OUT!” My heart broke for Steven, but as I sat there with him, my motherly pride grew even more because this beautiful man - my son, was so deeply compassionate and committed to helping someone else with their troubles.


Thus started my true connection to John and his family! I promised to help Steven help his friend, and so in lieu of flowers, I am personally asked friends, family and anyone who knew Steven and his undeniable generosity to donating to John’s son Ethan, and make a donation in Steven’s name. Those donation, reached almost $6,595.18 honouring Steven’s commitment to his dear friend, John.steven would have been so proud of how ever one came John, Michelle, Lily, and of course, little Ethan who are now a part of my family forever!

  Thank-you Xoxo, Carey 

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