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Steven Rigby's Mental Wealth Revolution

"The worst thing that can happen by sharing Steven's story is, NOTHING!!! That NO changes are made. Something good has to come from his death" Steven's Mother Carey

Steven Rigby’s Mental Wealth Revolution was formed by Carey Rigby-Wilcox, mother of Steven Rigby. Steven passed away on December 22, 2018 at the age of 27, after a long, exhaustive battle with mental illness.


Prior to his death, Steven’s wish was for more mental health awareness, easier access to treatment, public empathy and understanding, more resources and programming.


Steven’s mother Carey has dedicated herself and her life to leading this Mental Wealth Revolution. In this way, Carey will continue Steven’s legacy by bringing Steven’s personal story, his mission and his vision into the light, and create lasting, positive change for other people battling mental illness!



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“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.” James O’Barr
My mission is to create a positive platform with encouraging ideas, strategies, and interesting articles to invoke and inspire a Mental Wealth Revolution on behalf of Steven Rigby. Steven's Mother Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Steven Rigby

April 23, 1991 to December 22, 2018


Steven Rigby


The connections Steven made through his whole life lasted until the end because he truly valued the people he met, the friends he made, and his family. Steven had a way of making everyone he came in contact with feel valued and important, and strangers often quickly surpassed being mere acquaintances, to becoming lifelong friends.  Steven was also drawn to dogs, and they were to him.


Beyond the people he loved, Steven also loved gaming, soccer and travel, all of which he turned to for winding down, relaxing, or to rejuvenate himself and connect with his family and friends wherever they were and wherever he was.

After high school, Steven stepped out of his comfort zone to take a front-line customer service job with Fido, and he quickly became a model employee because of his ability to connect with customers, his inner drive to tackle everything he did to the very best of his ability, and because of his competitive spirit. Steven loved the personal satisfaction that came from meeting Fido’s monthly challenges and contests; it motivated him everyday to be better and to brainstorm innovative new ways in which to successfully meet each challenge. It was this dedication and commitment that saw Steven promoted very quickly to manager where he was able to motivate and inspire a team of colleagues to set their own goals and reach new levels of personal success within the company. Steven so easily invested himself in the success of his team!


Steven’s outstanding sales abilities and impressive people skills did not go unnoticed by SaskTel. He was awarded the role of Manager of Consumer Sales in North Battleford. If Steven’s pride, work ethic and integrity was a seed, then his continued desire to build the perfect team was the fertilizer. Through Steven’s natural ability to motivate others, and his commitment to providing supportive leadership with everyone in the store, his new team soon blossomed and flourished with their dedication to providing top customer service. This partnership approach to his team led Steven to work with another SaskTel peer to create an internal software database called “eCoordinator”. Steven felt this project was his greatest career achievement of all time.


Steven’s compassionate nature beamed through his amazing smile, his robust laughter and through his sincere generosity. His gentle soul will always be remembered by those who have been fortunate to experience his loving kindness and empathy.


As Steven’s family, we will work diligently to continue his legacy of generosity, change, awareness and support for others in the future.